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Electric Mobility : Advantages & Benefits

Battery electric cars do not produce any polluting emissions in use; to speak of pollution from electric cars would be like saying that the use of a blender is deleterious to the environment. On the other hand, some of the production of the 'electricity needed to recharge batteries inevitably produces pollution, even if far from the city. However, with electricity produced by the most efficient plants such as photovoltaic, wind, hydro, and any use of renewables, the comparison of overall emissions for different types of motorization: electric, diesel, gasoline, and gas, leads to results that are decidedly favorable to the electric solution.

The electric solution provides significant environmental benefits related to:

Reduced social costs due to the impact of emissions on health and the ecosystem
Reduced greenhouse gas emissions
Lower petroleum consumption In addition to the environmental benefits, the use of electric vehicles promotes significant energy savings and significantly higher efficiency than other solutions, in fact:
Gasoline engine thermal efficiency: 25 percent
Electric motor efficiency: 90 percent
Combined cycle power plant efficiency for electricity production: 45 %.
The average energy savings achievable by electric vehicles compared to motor vehicles is in the order of 40 percent due to the significantly higher overall efficiency.

The benefits in terms of CO2 reduction are significant; compared to a thermally powered vehicle, the electric car produces up to 46% fewer greenhouse gases.

Further environmental and economic benefits come from more efficient energy storage in batteries, allowing better utilization of renewable energy sources, flattening the load diagrams of the National Electric System and making the most of nighttime production from thermal power plants and renewable sources.

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